Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Garden Maintenance Services in Navi Mumbai

We understand the difficulties that come with maintaining complex gardens and landscapes. We go above and beyond to deliver picturesque and soothing spaces, from planning the flow of irrigation lines with water conservation in mind to ensuring your plant's health is always green!


Vertical gardens are the perfect choice to bring a natural touch in a world full of towering skylines. We take pleasure in bringing more color to your indoors while your lungs reap the benefits of fresh air every single day!


Our professionals timely assess the condition of soil, water, climatic conditions, to predict and prevent future hazards.

Pest Treatment

To keep the plants healthy season after season and long living, they need to be treated with organic fungicide and pesticide regularly to control invasive pests in the area.

Manure and Fertilizer Application

Our professional services offer a wide variety of soil types, natural fertilizers and several other products that promise flourishing and healthy flora until the end of time.

Pruning and Mowing

From grass care to tree plantation to border maintenance, we put our best foot forward to deliver our promise