Podium Landscape Garden Services in Panvel

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Podium Landscape Garden Services in Panvel

Our extremely striking and distinctive Podium Landscape Garden Services in Panvel are focused on improving the general quality of the land and soil to create a hard, well-drained, crack-free surface. We assist our clients in learning how to grow almost year-round, monochrome or aromatic flora, and lusciously green, weed-free lawns.

In addition, our experts offer snake repellent and turnkey consulting services for domestically useful herbal medicinal plantings. We also create fully automated Sub Surface Irrigation Systems (SSIS) that use the least amount of water and energy.

Podium Landscape Garden Services in Panvel

Due to its terrace-level location and the need for careful plant selection and water drainage, a podium garden demands a highly skilled and experienced worker. Many podium gardens are developed by our subject-matter experts to the delight of our clients.

Podium gardening entails cultivating your building's and structures' raised platforms. Residents always choose Podium Gardens as the ideal place to rest and unwind. Families and friends can spend quality time together in private, hidden seating areas.

Podium Landscape Garden Services in Panvel – The raised courtyard

Above street level, landscaped podiums provide recreational areas for residents and workers.

In order to create hospitable public areas, raised courtyards, also known as courtyard podiums, combine hard and soft landscaping, as seen in this stunning example at Wimbledon Grounds.

Sustainable drainage systems, waterproofing, paving, decking, seating, flower beds, raised planters, and planting are all included in P&P's landscaped podium service.

Typically, podiums are heavily planted with a variety of plants, such as shrubs, trees, flowers, and herbaceous plants. Occasionally, lawns, meadows of wildflowers, and water features are added.

Podium Landscape Garden Services in Panvel – The new Ground level

A communal outdoor area that serves nearby residential or commercial buildings is called a landscaped podium.

When a podium is designed well, it can become a new ground-level haven where people don't even realize there are multiple floors of parking or commercial or residential amenities underneath.

One of the world's first podium gardens, the Barbican Centre in London was established in the 1970s. Pritchard & Pritchard provided and installed all the flower bed infrastructure, including 1000 cubic meters of substrate, for the multiple award-winning renovations.

Ganpatrao Farms & Nursery is aa trusted company for Podium Landscape Garden Services in Panvel. You can contact us for more details and other gardening services.

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